Speaker Bio (Long & Short Bio Bundle)

Speaker Bio (Long & Short Bio Bundle)

One of the best ways to promote and sell your products and services is through in-person or virtual speaking engagements.


It’s your opportunity to share your genius and expertise with a captive audience and follow up your amazing presentation with an invitation to take advantage of your offers that will help them take what learned from you to the next level.


But to get booked for those dream speaking engagements, you’ve got to do one of two things: get invited, or pitch yourself to event organizers.


In either case, you’ll need a killer bio to seal the deal. Once you send out a captivating, professionally-written speaker bio, you’ll send those event organizers racing to book you for the engagements that are perfect for you.


Long and Short Bios - How They're Used

A long-form bio is more often used on your website, in a large conference program, etc. A short-form bio can also be used on your website and in programs if you prefer a shorter version; it can also be used on sales pages and marketing materials, and it can be used to introduce you at speaking engagements.


You can pick either format—or both! Just be sure to double-check your selection to make sure you have what you want before you checkout. You're currently viewing the Long & Short Bio Bundle.


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What’s inside:

  • Two professionally-written speaker bios: One long-form bio (up to 350 words) and one short-form bio (up to 150 words), which gives you the flexibility to use either one depending on your business needs


How it works:

  • First, you’ll make your purchase, and then you’ll answer some questions about yourself through a questionnaire
  • I'll deliver your brand new bios to you seven (7) business days later
  • You're ready to pitch yourself for some amazing speaking engagements!
  • Terms & Conditions

    After you purchase your Speaker Bio, I’ll be in touch within 24 hours to provide instructions on how to complete the questionnaire.


    Once you purchase your service, there are no refunds. If you purchase a Speaker Bio and fail to submit your questionnaire within 30 days of purchase, you will forfeit your payment, and you will not receive a refund.


    Please click here to review additional Terms and Conditions. By purchasing this service, you acknowledge that you read, understand and agree to them.