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Hey there, ​ I’m Jennifer!

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Most women entrepreneurs—especially Christian women—struggle to share what they offer, and that’s why they don’t make enough money.


I help them by designing words and websites that showcase their expertise so they can get more clients, grow their business and make a full-time income.

If your audience values trading wasted time, sapped energy and head-scratching frustration in exchange for consistent sales, a business they love and more time for their biggest priorities—guess what?

I'd love to come share with them! 

Before becoming an online business owner, I was a law firm partner in Washington, D.C., advising clients on mergers and trade practices.  


Now, as a copywriter and web design strategist, I combine my unique experiences as a Christ-centered woman, attorney, person of color and business owner to design strategic solutions for my amazing clients. 

By leveraging the power of words and websites, I empower business owners to operate in their zone of genius so they can show up in the marketplace and fulfill their call to serve the people who need them right now.

Topics I can talk about all day if you don't stop me...

  • Copywriting

  • Website Design

  • Systems Design

  • Christian Business

  • Women of Color in Business

  • Women Transitioning from Corporate America/Legal Profession to Entrepreneurship


Links to my stuff...

My Free Course

Wix Website in a Week is where I teach how to build, automate and launch a Wix Website in just 7 days—even if you’re short on time or tech skills!

Get it here:

My Blog

The Wordie Blog is where I wax poetic about everything I wish everyone knew about business and writing so they can stop feeling frustrated and overwhelmed and start feeling focused and empowered! 

Read it here:

A few questions I can answer... 

  1. What is copywriting, and what can it do for my business?

  2. If I don’t hire a copywriter and try to write everything myself, what are the keys to writing copy that gets people to take action?

  3. What is email marketing, why do I need it, and how do I get it set up?

  4. How do I figure out what to say in emails to my list?

  5. What are the pros and cons of having a website for my business?

  6. What pages (or sections) do I really need on my website?

  7. What should I say on my website’s homepage – a little bit or a lot?

  8. How do I write a good “About” page?

  9. If I want to DIY my website, how do I do it—even if I’m not tech-savvy?

  10. What are the must-have systems and processes for a new business? What do I really need, and what can I do without?


...and there's more where that came from, of course!  

Short Bio (for Podcasts) 

Jennifer Westbrook is a former Washington, D.C. law firm partner turned copywriter and web design strategist. She equips her clients to build dream businesses by harnessing the power of compelling words and strategic websites. A Christ-centered woman of color, Jennifer believes every business owner should have access to the opportunities and resources they need to build a thriving business. 


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