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for coaches, consultants and speakers  who need a message that connects and converts

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Question for you...

Have you been struggling to reach next-level clients and sales, even though you've got plenty of street cred and proven results that you know your audience is looking for? 

Do you have a website that’s just sitting out there lonely in cyberspace, looking like a shell of your former self instead of a mirror image reflecting who you are today?  

Or maybe you're ready to launch an incredible offer but have no idea how to write the words that'll make it irresistible to your best-fit clients and move them to jump right on it. ​

If that sounds like you, it's time to uplevel your copywriting!

So, what is copywriting, anyway?  

The simple definition is this:


Copywriting is all about the words you use to promote what you do and sell your offers.

And "sell" can mean different things. For example, you might want to offer a product or service, build a community to support your ministry or non-profit, or promote yourself as a speaker. 

You're "selling" what you want your audience to do: purchase something, book your services, join an email list, sign up for a course, or donate to your cause.

Copywriting is about the words you use everywhere you share your offer to connect with your audience's goals and deepest desires so they'll take the next step you want them to take. 

Working with a copywriter (like me) takes the guesswork out of the writing process so you can focus on doing other things—the things only you can do—to keep your business moving forward. 

Now, you could go it alone. But then you'd have to spend time figuring out how to figure it out. And who has time for that?

Not you, because you know your precious time is best spent on the biz tasks smack dab in the middle of your genius zone.


And you're ready to team up with a pro to craft a message that converts for you—so you can focus on delivering what your clients need from you.   

That's where I come in.

I'll write the words you need to create a compelling:

  • Website 

  • Landing page

  • Sales page 

  • Speaker bio

  • Podcast pitch

  • And more! 

So you'll have a clear, powerful message that stops your dream peeps from scrolling past your stuff so they can start:

  • Seeing you as the number-one, go-to expert in your space 

  • Filling up their virtual carts with your products and services

  • Booking you to speak on dream stages and platforms 

  • Partnering with you as engaged collaborators and community members 

Sound like a dream come true? Let's make it a reality. 

Book a no-obligation call with me. We'll chat about how we can work together to take your business to the next level.

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Business & Ideal Client Deep Dive

So you'll have strategic copy that aligns with your business and client needs

Voice of Customer Research

So your copy connects with and converts your best-fit customers

Conversion-Focused Copy

So your message drives prospects to the action you want them to take

Design-Ready Wireframe

So your copy + design work together to optimize your message's impact

Photo of Morgan Graves

Jennifer helped me to refine my first workbook for publication. She also created a bio and podcast pitches for marketing. I have already received responses from the items she developed. She really took it to the next level in ways that I know for sure I could not have done by myself. 


I loved how organized she was, making it easy to put all the pieces together. It was great having her as an accountability partner. She ensured we stayed on our timeline with much patience. She made me think about my business in terms that I haven't before.

- Morgan Graves, Therapist at Royal Phoenix Life Services

My Process is Simple:

  • Kickoff Call

  • Copy Review Meetings

  • Fine-tuning all along the way

  • Training, Documentation + Next steps

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Here’s how it works:

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1. Book a no-pressure consultation

We’ll hop on a call, and you’ll tell me all about your business and what your needs are right now. Then, I’ll share how we can work together so you can reach those goals.

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2. Choose your package and pay
your deposit

You’ll have your choice of several packages, including done-for-you options where I handle everything, or done-with-you options where you put in a little more elbow grease and use my resources and support to help pull it all together. 

Desktop with tablet and colorful pens, pencils and notebooks

3. We get started on your

Once we lock in your start date, we’ll get going! Between our deep dives, copy review meetings and fine-tuning all along the way, my collaborative process assures that you’ll get exactly what you want. And I’ll leave you with training, documentation and next steps for optimal results.

Photo of Leticia Smith

Jennifer really knocked it out of the park with my bios, ‘About’ pages and websites. 


While Jen definitely listened to what I wanted and my vision based on who I am, I relied on her for her expertise in the process. She delivered her advice but made sure to tailor it to me personally rather than a cookie-cutter approach.


Jennifer also made sure we stuck to the schedule we created at the beginning of the process to ensure we finished the project on time by conducting regular check-ins. I have now hired Jen for several projects and will definitely be continuing to use her services. I highly recommend Jennifer. 

- Leticia C. Smith, Realtor® at Legacy Homes & Lifestyles with Leticia Smith of Keller Williams Flagship of Maryland

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