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Conversion Copywriting

for coaches, consultants and speakers  who need a message that connects and converts

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Question for you...

Have you been working way too hard to reach next-level clients and sales, even though you've got plenty of street cred and proven results you know your audience is looking for? 

Do you have a website that’s just sitting out there lonely in cyberspace, looking like a shell of your former self instead of a mirror image reflecting who you are today?  

Or maybe you're ready to launch an incredible offer but have no idea how to write the words that'll make it irresistible to your best-fit clients and move them to jump right on it. ​

If that sounds like you, it's time to uplevel your copywriting!

Business & Ideal Client Deep Dive

So you'll have strategic copy that aligns with your business and client needs

Voice of Customer Research

So your copy connects with and converts your best-fit customers

Conversion-Focused Copy

So your message drives prospects to the action you want them to take

Design-Ready Wireframe

So your copy + design work together to optimize your message's impact

Duane Cashin of Cashin Sales

I thought all I needed was someone to finish a website that another designer had started.

But Jennifer showed me I was missing a clear message and a conversion-focused website design that will show potential clients what I offer and how I can help them take their companies to the next level.

Jennifer did a fantastic job of writing my copy. I appreciate that Jennifer takes a strategic approach to her projects that factors in who I am, my vision for my company, and what my clients truly need.

- Duane Cashin, Sales Consultant at Cashin Sales

My Process is Simple:

  • Strategy Workshop