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I help Christian women entrepreneurs use the right words and websites to uplevel their biz and make a full-time income. 


Does any of this sound like you?

You have no idea how to make the time and money you need so you can make a bigger impact in other people’s lives

You can’t figure out how to manage all of the tedious admin tasks that need to get done in your business every day to make things run smoothly


You’re so busy putting out fires all day that you get distracted and never have enough time to focus on what you love to do

You’ve been struggling to get more clients so you can make more sales without coming across as a pushy, desperate jerk

If so, you’re in the right place!

You want to make a full-time income doing what you love

You’re a leader who stands out from the crowd, and you’re passionate about mastering your gifts so you can use them to impact the people who need you.

You see the possibilities in front of you, and you want to get everything aligned in your business so you can show your dream clients all the amazingness you can offer to make their lives better.

And you wish you had a business that positions and promotes you as

the number one go-to expert (without being sleazy or salesy).


The only problem is…

Your business just isn’t working well enough for you to win the best clients and make the money you want consistently

You want to fix what’s wrong, but you’re confused about what to do—and how to do it


Taking the DIY route has left your business looking a little janky and amateurish—even though that’s not who you really are—and it’s keeping you from your greatness


You wish someone would just give you a blueprint to design, organize and systematize your business.
And that would help you confidently share your expertise with dream clients—without worrying that any minute now, some important task you were too busy to handle will spin out of control and leave you looking like an unprofessional, unfocused mess.


Imagine that you did have a business that worked for you, complete with a website that delivered functional design, compelling copy that inspired your peeps into action, and systems that made your whole mini-empire run like a well-oiled machine.  

  • What will it feel like when you don’t have to waste the day away messing around with your website design and copy, trying to make it “perfect” (whatever that means)? Instead, you spend your days doing the work you love.

  • How will it feel when you have so much clarity and control that you stop feeling like you don’t have what it takes to grow your business and make a real impact?

  • Imagine what your days will be like when you finally bid farewell to uncertainty, confusion and overwhelm in your business.

  • What will be possible for you when you can focus your energy only on the things that are in your zone of genius while everything else runs on autopilot?


Here’s how we can work together:


Custom Website Design

+ Copywriting

Your choice of done-for-you or done-with-you web design and copywriting so your brand stands out online and connects you with your best-fit clients.


VIP Biz Day

(One-Day Intensive)

An entire interruption-free day dedicated to your projects so you can finally get your punch list done and move your business forward—fast.


Book + eBook Writing

and Editing

A goal-oriented approach to your writing and editing process so you can finally get your books and eBooks published and share them with the world.

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Jennifer helped me to refine my first workbook for publication. She also created a bio and podcast pitches for marketing. I have already received responses from the items she developed. She really took it to the next level in ways that I know for sure I could not have done by myself. 


I loved how organized she was, making it easy to put all the pieces together. It was great having her as an accountability partner. She ensured we stayed on our timeline with much patience. She made me think about my business in terms that I haven't before.

- Morgan Graves, Royal Phoenix Life Services

Before We Work Together

You see other people winning, and you want success too, but you’re confused about what to do, when to do it, and how to get it done.

You’re overwhelmed by the mountain of tasks on your to-do list that never get “check marked” because you feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Your business is kinda janky and inefficient because you haven’t figured out how to pull everything together in a cohesive way.

Your branding is looking pretty basic and DIY-ish because, well, you DIYed it, and now you cringe every time you look at it and hesitate to share it with clients.
Your message seems to go unheard, even though you feel like you’re screaming at the top of your lungs and social media posting until your thumbs are numb, trying to get people to listen.
You’re struggling to hit your revenue goals, and you’re wondering if it’s even possible for you to achieve what you feel led to do.

After We Work Together

You’re confident that you’re making the right decisions for your business, and everything’s set up to run smoothly so you have more time to flow in your zone of genius.

You’re focused on doing the most important things that you love—and making money—while everything else in the background is running on autopilot.

You’ve got an organized and well-run business because you finally have systems and processes designed just for you that actually work for you.

You’ve got a brand that’s sophisticated and refined, and it not only makes you proud but also impresses potential clients and inspires them to work with you.

You’ve got a clear and compelling message that lands dream clients who value your expertise and happily pay you for it.

You’re making enough sales to earn a full-time income, finally enjoy financial freedom and reclaim your time.
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Carissa Clarke

My experience was great as always. I love your expertise when it comes to building winning systems, your attention to detail, and overall improvement of my business branding is incredible to say the least. I would absolutely recommend you.

- Carissa Clarke, CCPMF Property Management Firm


When you work with me, you’ll…

Stick to your launch or (re-launch) date because I’ll handle the timeline for you and make sure your project stays on track

Get the support you need to stay focused and totally dialed-in to what you do best

Be empowered to get more done (while doing less work) by implementing powerful tools and systems that make your admin and tech tasks easy-peasy

Showcase your brand and confidently put yourself out there so you can connect with people who’ve been waiting for someone just like you (without feeling pushy, sleazy or salesy)

Generate more revenue and make a bigger impact where you know you’re called to serve

Use your up-leveled financial freedom to invest more resources into yourself and your business
Rediscover what “spare time” looks and feels like, and start using it to do things you’ve put off far too long so you can find more joy in your work and everyday life
Take giant leaps toward achieving your mission in a way that feels authentic and intuitive
Create the space and opportunity to scale your business to the next level

My Process is Simple:

  • Kickoff Call

  • Design + Copy Meetings

  • Fine-tuning all along the way

  • Training, Documentation + Next steps

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Jennifer really knocked it out of the park with my bios, ‘About’ pages and websites. 


While Jen definitely listened to what I wanted and my vision based on who I am, I relied on her for her expertise in the process. She delivered her advice but made sure to tailor it to me personally rather than a cookie-cutter approach.


Jennifer also made sure we stuck to the schedule we created at the beginning of the process to ensure we finished the project on time by conducting regular check-ins. I have now hired Jen for several projects and will definitely be continuing to use her services. I highly recommend Jennifer. 

- Leticia C. Smith, Realtor®, Legacy Homes & Lifestyles with Leticia Smith of Keller Williams Flagship of Maryland

Here’s how it works:


1. Book a free no-pressure consultation

We’ll hop on a call, and you’ll tell me all about your business and what your needs are right now. Then, I’ll share how we can work together so you can reach those goals.


2. Choose your package and pay

your deposit

You’ll have your choice of several packages, including done-for-you options where I handle everything, or done-with-you options where you put in a little more elbow grease and use my resources and support to help pull it all together. 


3. We get started on your


Once we lock in your start date, we’ll get going! Between our deep dives, design and copy review meetings and fine-tuning all along the way, my collaborative process assures that you’ll get exactly what you want. And I’ll leave you with training, documentation and next steps for optimal results.


I can’t wait for us to get started so I can help you thrive in your dream business and live an empowered life.

Questions my clients ask before hiring me

Have a question I didn’t answer here? Email me at

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Dulcet Large.png

The pages will help us attract more clients and motivate them to place orders for two reasons: the pithy, conversational language and the user-friendly ease they can use to place orders. The page captures the uniqueness of our products and clearly states our discriminators that put us above our competitors.

- Quentin Wiley, Dulcet Delights


This is for you if…

You’ve already started your business and have worked with clients; or, you haven’t officially started your business, but you’ve been testing out your concept by offering your services for free or at introductory prices.

You’re passionate about your mission, and you won’t be satisfied unless you can fulfill your heart’s desire to serve the people who need you.

You’re clear on who your ideal clients are, and you know what you offer can help them improve their lives.

You’re totally ready to show up for yourself and your business, and you’ll commit to prioritizing collaborating with me on your project.
You understand the value of researching and gathering data, analyzing it, and making sound business decisions based on that data, especially when it comes to writing copy.
You want sustainable, long-term strategies to grow your business, and you’re committed to taking diligent action so you can get lasting results.
You’re pursuing excellence in your business—not perfection—and you’re ready to move in the direction of your big goals.

This is not for you if…

You haven’t started your business or tested out your concept yet; or, you’ve got several business ideas and haven’t decided which one you want to pursue.

You’re lukewarm about your business and can either take it or leave it right now because you have other stuff going on that’s a higher priority.

You’re super new to business and haven’t gotten clear on who your ideal clients are and what you can offer them just yet.

You’re so busy that you have zero time available to meet with me (virtually) from time to time for fine-tuning your project, and you’re not willing to make adjustments to your schedule to take on a new project.

You don’t want to be bothered with research and data, and you’d rather make business decisions based on what you think, how you feel, or bad experiences you had in the past.

You’re looking for get-rich-quick business tactics that work overnight and don’t require your time, attention and diligence.
You’re so laser-focused on every single tiny little microscopic detail that you struggle to see the big picture, so “analysis paralysis” keeps you stuck and stops you from taking action.

Hey there, ​ I’m Jennifer.

Hi I'm Jennifer Westbrook.jpg

Most women entrepreneurs—especially Christian women—struggle to share what they offer, and that’s why they don’t make enough money.


I help them by designing words and websites that showcase their expertise so they can get more clients, grow their business and make a full-time income. 

If you value trading wasted time, sapped energy and head-scratching frustration in exchange for consistent sales, a business you love and more time for your biggest priorities—guess what?

That’s what you’ll get when we work together.

You can do this even if you’re…

On a limited budget

I’m not a fan of chasing shiny objects! I’m all about using proven business tools, systems and processes that actually make sense so you can make dollars.

And that means I won’t try to break the bank; instead, I’ll give you the best options that fit your budget and meet your needs.

Burned by past failures

Whether you’ve made choices in the past that caused you to struggle, or you’ve had a bad experience working with a writer or web designer, today’s a new day.


And history doesn’t have to repeat itself because when you work with me, I’ll take you by the (virtual) hand and make sure you get what you need to move your business forward.

Struggling with technology

I won’t set you up with any tech that's so complicated you have no idea how to use it. And even when your project is done, I won’t leave you hanging.


What I’ll leave you with is the training you need so you can finally master your tech and watch it work for you automagically.

At this point, I’ve given you all the information I have to help you decide if working together is the right next step for you.

If you’re still on the fence, just send me an email at and let me know what’s holding you back. And I’ll tell you if I think we’re a good fit or not because the truth is—my services aren’t right for everyone. And that’s totally ok.

I can’t wait to help you uplevel your business!