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Back Cover Copywriting for Book Authors

Back Cover Copywriting for Book Authors

You’ve got a killer, eye-catching book cover design, and that’s cool—but now you need a persuasive back cover to convince readers to buy your book. This is your chance to show your audience that your masterpiece is the perfect read for them, so don’t miss this opportunity to close the sale.


One of the biggest mistakes authors make is thinking a general recap or cut-and-paste passage from your book will suffice as the back cover. But here’s the truth: the back of your book isn’t prose; it’s sales copy. It’s like a mini-commercial, and you’ve got just a few seconds—and only a little bit of space—to shoot your shot and render your reader captivated and ready to buy.


With our professionally-written back cover copy, you’ll be able to tap into your readers’ needs and desires so they can instantly connect with your book, snatch it off the shelves and fast-walk to the cash register.


How it Works:

  • After you complete the checkout, you’ll receive a document download, and inside is a link to a questionnaire and instructions on how to upload your manuscript and biographical information.
  • I’ll do an in-depth review of your manuscript and biographical information, and within seven (7) business days, I’ll write your back cover copy and send it to you via email in Microsoft Word format.
  • You’ll give your final copy to your book cover designer and get ready for an amazing book launch!
  • Bonus tip: You can repurpose the copy for other marketing materials, like your author website, sales page, product description and social media.



  • Book synopsis, sales hook and brief author bio


Not Included:

  • Revisions, edits or rewrites are not included in this service, but we’re confident the detailed info you’ll share in your questionnaire will give us everything we need to create stellar copy that meets your needs. So if you purchase this service, you’re saying yes to accepting our deliverable without requesting changes! You’re free to make changes on your own if you wish. But be advised if you revise our work extensively, your changes could compromise the effectiveness of the copy. 
  • Terms & Conditions

    After you purchase Back Cover Copy for Book Authors, you'll receive an email. The email contains your receipt, plus instructions on how to access and complete the questionnaire and submit your manuscript.


    Once you purchase your service, there are no refunds. If you purchase a Back Cover Copy for Book Authors package and fail to submit your questionnaire, manuscript and biographical information within 30 days of purchase, you will forfeit your payment, and you will not receive a refund.


    Please click here to review additional Terms and Conditions. By purchasing this service, you acknowledge that you read, understand and agree to them.


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