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Write a Homepage that Gets You Hired

Write a homepage that sells, even if writing freaks you out.

Grab this guide and learn how to write words for your website that serve your peeps and sell your stuff.


Pricing and Revenue Worksheet

Crunch your numbers and finally get profitable.

Wanna know if you're undercharging? Grab the exact worksheet I use to set my revenue goals and price my offers.​


Web Design Workshop

Find out what your website really needs (and doesn't). 

Watch this workshop to learn what your website really needs to work like a charm - and make your life easier.


Wix Website in a Week Free 7 Day Video Course

Build a website, even if you don't have any tech skills. 

You don't have to be a web designer or tech nerd to build a website that's both pretty and profitable.


Ten Most Messed Up Words and How to Use Them Guide

Sound super smart when you write stuff every day.

If you're always mixing up there, their and they're, you wanna get this guide today.


Join the Email List

Don't see any freebies you need? Join the email list.

If you're not grabbing any freebies today but want to know when I create something new, hop on the email list.​​


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