VIP Biz Days

one-day intensives for coaches, consultants and speakers who need to get it done fast

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Give your business the VIP treatment.

An entire interruption-free day dedicated to your projects so you can finally get your punch list done and move your business forward—fast.

What makes intensives different from custom projects

A VIP Biz Day intensive allows me to dedicate my entire day to your project, interruption-free.


That means no calls, emails, or projects with anyone else but you. Giving you my undivided attention creates space for me to get totally in the zone and work super-fast and focused.


While custom projects are great too, they tend to have longer timelines because I might be working with more than one client for several weeks at a time. 

But with VIP Biz Days, I'm not switching between projects all day. And that's how I can get more done and create the same quality of work as custom projects—but faster.

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What’s possible in a day

If you want to update your old website copy or design, we can give it an instant refresh that makes your brand stand out.  

Or if tech stuff isn't your strong suit, I’ll spend a day under the hood of your business, making all of your email, booking, and payment systems work together automagically.  

There’s so much we can do in a day! 

​Website final touches (finishing a website that you started)

Landing page copywriting, design + tech set up for freebie delivery

Email marketing automations (ConvertKit, Squarespace Email Marketing)

Short sales page copywriting + design

Website copy + design updates

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What’s included in the VIP Biz Day experience

An interruption-free day (or as many days as you need) dedicated to your projects 

A detailed guide and workbook so you’ll know the exact information I need from you to make your intensive a success


A pre-intensive kickoff call to review your workbook and prepare for our day together


24 hours to request minor fixes or fine-tuning

30 days of post-intensive tech support

After we’re done, you’ll have…

Your small but important projects checked off your list—without the wait.

The right design, copy or tech assets you need to move your business forward—right now.

Relief that you finally got your punch list done without breaking a sweat because I did the heavy lifting for you!

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How it works

01: Book it

You’ll pick a day for your intensive—usually, a couple of weeks out so you’ll have time to complete any pre-work I’ll need for your day.

Keep in mind that I’ll be checking in with you throughout the day for feedback & approvals. You can still do other work during your intensive day, but please schedule for a day when you don’t have meetings, appointments or travel. 

04: Intensive Day

We'll collaborate and communicate throughout the day of your intensive, so you can give feedback on each part of the project before I move to the next item on your list. 

02: Pre-work

I’ll send you a guide and instructions on how to complete your pre-work.


This is super important because your pre-work gives me the details I need to make your intensive a success. 

05: Fine-tuning

I’ll send my work to you at the end of the day and give you 24 hours to review and let me know if you want to make any minor fixes. I’ll make those adjustments if needed, send you the updates, then we’re done! 

03: Kickoff Call

About a week before, we’ll have a kickoff call so we can review your pre-work and objectives for the intensive. 

06: Support (Bonus!)

As a bonus, you’ll have 30 days to ask me any tech support-related questions that may come up!

This part is super important 

Working from Home

An intensive is a special booking because you’re engaging me for a specified period of time—not for a set of deliverables.


What that means is we’ll talk about your priorities and work through your list in order of importance, but if our time runs out and we still have items left on your list, we can book another day or half-day to finish up.


But rest assured that I’m craaaazy efficient at what I do, and I make every effort to get a ton done in a day for you. And the more effort you put into completing your pre-work, and the more available you are for feedback during our intensive day, the faster I can work. 

Click here to review the terms & conditions.

Still not sure if a VIP Biz Day is right for you? Let’s hop on a 15-minute call to talk about it.

VIP Biz Week

Five-Day Intensive

An interruption-free week dedicated to your projects

so you can get equipped with the right design, copy and tech assets you need to move your business forward right now.

What’s possible in a week?

  • Full website copy makeover

  • Full website design + branding makeover

  • Long sales page copywriting and design

  • And more!


Timeline: 5 days
(up to 7 hours per day)

Investment: $7500

VIP Biz Day

One-Day Intensive

An interruption-free day dedicated to your projects

so you can finally get your punch list of design, copy or tech projects done fast without missing a beat.



What’s possible in a day?

  • 2-page website copywriting

  • Website final touches (finishing a website that you started)

  • Landing page copywriting, design + tech setup for freebie delivery

  • Short sales page copywriting + design

  • And more!  


Timeline: 1 day

(up to 7 hours)

Investment: $1500

VIP Biz Power Hours

Half-Day Intensive*

An interruption-free half-day dedicated to your projects

so you can get some small but important copy, design or tech projects checked off your list

without the wait.


What’s possible in a half-day?

  • 1-page website copywriting

  • Systems setup + integration (email marketing, payment processing, booking system or calendar)

  • Basic website updates (adding or updating content or pages)

  • And more! 

Timeline: 1/2 day

(up to 4 hours)

Investment: $750

*Half-day intensives are reserved for returning clients only.

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