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Jennifer Westbrook

In this Free 30-Minute Workshop

You'll Learn:


The pages and sections you need on your website (and the ones you shouldn't spend time on just yet)


How to write a Home page that captures leads (without verbal vomiting and running them away)


How not to make your About page all about you (yep, you read that right!)


The must-have systems you need to protect your profits, productivity—and sanity!

And more!

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This Workshop is for You If...

You want your website to attract dream clients 

You have a website that's collecting digital dust instead of dollars

You struggle to write irresistible copy that converts 

You need systems to manage the tedious tasks that take up too much of your time 

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Let's get acquainted... 

Meet Jennifer 

Hey there! If we haven't met yet, I'm Jennifer, and I'm here because most women entrepreneurs—especially Christian women—struggle to share what they offer, and that’s why they don’t make enough money.

I help them by designing words and websites that showcase their expertise so they can get more clients, grow their business and make a full-time income. 

And I'm excited to help you do it too. 

Jennifer and the Neon Pothos