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Web Design Checklist

20 Essential Steps You Need So You Can Design a Website That Looks Great, Has the Right Backend Setup + Gets You Found on Google, Too! 

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Grab a copy of the actual checklist I’ve used as a web designer to create sites that look good and have the proper backend setup to get found on Google.

If you’re DIY-ing your website, you need this checklist so you can feel confident you’re creating a website that works!

Before you take my advice...let's get acquainted 

Meet Jennifer 

Hey there! If we haven't met yet, I'm Jennifer, and I'm here because most business owners don’t have time to refine their message and website to match their brand’s reputation.

I help them by designing their words and showing them how to create websites that showcase their expertise so their businesses keep growing. 

And I'm excited to help you do it too. 

Grab this Checklist! 

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