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Book Marketing Services

for authors & personal brands ready to market their masterpiece and supercharge their sales

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So you’ve spent what seems like countless hours writing your book—and now you need to sell it!

“Write it, and they will come” isn't really a thing, so that means you’ve got to pound the virtual pavement if you want to make off-the-charts sales.

With my Book Marketing Services, you’ll get the edge you need to promote and sell your book with success.

Back Cover Copywriting

You’ve got a killer, eye-catching book cover design, and that’s cool—but now you need a persuasive back cover to convince readers to buy your book.


This is your chance to show your audience that your masterpiece is the perfect read for them, so don’t miss this opportunity to close the sale.

With my professionally-written back cover copy, you’ll be able to tap into your readers’ needs and desires so they can instantly connect with your book, snap it up and buy it right away.

Colorful open book pages

Author/Speaker Bio

One of the best ways to promote and sell your book is through in-person or virtual speaking engagements.


It’s your time to shine—to share your genius and expertise with a captive audience—and follow up your amazing presentation with an invitation to grab your offers so they can take things to the next level.

With a captivating speaker bio, you'll send event organizers racing to book you for engagements that perfectly match you with your ideal audience.

Microphone, image by DESIGNECOLOGIST

"Jennifer helped me to refine my first workbook for publication. She also created a bio and podcast pitches for marketing. I have already received responses from the items she developed. She really took it to the next level in ways that I know for sure I could not have done by myself."

— Morgan R. Graves, Therapist and Author of Self-Made: A Therapist's Guide to Starting a Private Practice

"I had a different vendor write my biography before. It was lackluster and very technical sounding. I told Jennifer what I was looking for and after seeing the results, I was blown away by her work. The biography she wrote for me went well above my expectations. I will definitely be using her for future work and I’m excited to know that I found someone who can do such good work."

—Asha Brown, Realtor®,

The Asha Brown Team at Keller Williams Bay Area

Podcast Pitching

Appearing as a podcast guest is one of the best (and fastest) ways to get massive exposure, grow your audience and sell more of your products and services. But there's an art—and science—involved in finding the right platforms and getting booked..

I'll find 10 podcasts that are perfect for you, then I'll write your pitches and hit "send" so you can start getting invited to speak to established audiences that are waiting for your expertise.

Podcast microphone

Website Copy Makeover

Been scratching your head, trying to figure out how to put your thoughts into words so your website can show dream customers how fabulous you are?


Then a website copy makeover is exactly what you need.

I’ll write brand new copy for one page of your website—or re-write a page that’s not working for you—so your messaging can knock the socks off anyone who lands on your site.

Yellow desktop with computer keyboard, houseplant, notepad and pens, image by Amy Hirschi

Wix Website in a Day

As a new-ish author, you don't need a website with all the bells and whistles just yet.


What you need right now is a simple site that showcases your expertise, shares your new book and gets you invited to speaking engagements.

Join me for your very own one-day website intensive: an interruption-free day dedicated to creating your website so you can finally get your brand online—fast.

Woman sitting at desk working on laptop with notebooks and office supplies

"Jennifer is an amazing editor. She was very responsive to all of my questions. She pointed out inconsistencies and incorrect word choices that had not been brought to my attention by other editors. She helped me to get my book to a place where I am confident that it is ready to go to print. She crossed all my i's and dotted all my t's…. I would definitely recommend Jennifer to other authors looking for editing services. In fact, I have already decided that she will be editing my next book."

— Kelley Smith, Author of Forty and Waiting

"My book had been previously edited, but you came in with an eagle eye and found those mistakes that were overlooked. I’m truly grateful for your expertise in this area which is invaluable. My experience was great!! Your turnaround was really fast without a reduction in quality work. You were very responsive and even provided other assistance, input and ideas that was beyond the scope of services. I would definitely recommend you to others."

— Kinite A, McCrae, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur and Author of I Am a Christian, This is Why

"Your edits assisted me in bringing out my authentic emotions to connect more with my readers. Because my mission is to empower and assist women with reaching their full potential personally and professionally, it was paramount that I convey my message the right way! You were so professional from day one of our consultation…from beginning to end you were kind and created a safe place to share my thoughts and how I desired to convey them to my audience of readers."

— Keysha Dale, Healthcare Executive, Mentor, Coach and Author of Rock Bottom Success

"Jennifer really knocked it out of the park with my websites. They are personable, allowing prospective clients to learn a little more about me while clearly explaining what services I will provide to them and how I can be of help. My pages and sites are also now interactive thanks to Jen. Readers can click on a number of links to take action when they are ready. I really love that."

— Leticia C. Smith, Realtor® and Mediator, 

Legacy Homes & Lifestyles with Leticia Smith of Keller Williams Flagship of Maryland and

LS Legal & Mediation Solutions

If you're not sure which of these services could be right for you, schedule a chat with me so we can talk about how I can help you market your book.

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