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Affordable Resources for Writers and Entrepreneurs

(Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links and I may receive a small commission—at no additional cost to you—if you purchase something mentioned on this page.)

Affordable resources for writers and entrepreneurs

If you’re running a small business or writing a book on a tight budget, it can be hard to find affordable resources to help you get things done.

And sometimes, that leads to procrastination or analysis paralysis—thinking so long and hard about something that you talk yourself out of taking the next step.

But here’s the thing:

Now, more than ever, people need what you have to offer.

They need your book to help them heal; they need your product to solve their problem; they need your services to meet their needs.

So now is not the time to slow down; on the contrary, it’s time to step things up so you can serve the people who need you the most.

And that means you need support because let’s face it—you can’t do everything on your own. You need resources and people to help you move the needle.

And that’s why I’m sharing some of my favorite resources that can help you work faster and smarter so you can get polished, professional-looking results. By putting your best foot forward, you’re going to stand out in the crowd and attract the people who are looking for you.

And the best part is this: all of these options are budget-friendly, so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

Transcribe Audio to Text

Here’s a secret: I write faster when I have some help. I use to transcribe my audio files from interviews and working sessions so I can quickly convert talk to text.

If you’re struggling to create a consistent writing habit so you can get your book done, or if you have content ideas for your blog or social media posts but struggle to sit down and write them out, try speaking your thoughts out loud—and record them, either through Rev’s phone app or through any digital voice recorder.

Transcribe audio to text

Then upload the audio file and receive an amazingly accurate transcription before you know it.

If you use my link, you’ll get $10 off your first order.

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Online Proposal Software

People are always asking me how I make my branded proposals look so beautiful and professional.

And they also want to know how I magically make everything connect with my payment processors, so I can get proposals signed and collect payments 24/7, even when I’m asleep!

Online proposal software

It’s not magic—it’s Better Proposals.

This super cool online software helps me close more sales and get paid faster, and who doesn’t love that?

Try it out for free for one month when you use my link.

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Email Marketing

Did you know that your email list is one of your most valuable business assets?

You own and control it completely, it’s not at the mercy of algorithms, and it’s one of the fastest ways to nurture a community, book more clients—and make more sales.

I use ConvertKit to build forms and landing pages so I can grow my email list. As a creator, it's the easiest way to launch your next creative project!

Email marketing for small businesses, authors and entrepreneurs

Wanna learn how to grow your list?

Sign up through my link below and you'll unlock 100 subscribers for free.

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Small Biz Websites—The Easy, Affordable Way

If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to get a new website, I recommend myself! I work with new and small business owners who don't have a website yet or have an old website that's not working for them anymore.