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I put words to work to get you SALES.


Don’t have a website yet, but finally ready to get in the game and start turning some virtual heads?   


Take your business online with a new website so you can enhance your brand’s visibility, attract dream clients and make off-the-charts sales. 


Got a website that you thought made sense at first, but now instead of making dollars, it's just collecting virtual dust? Find out why it’s not working so you can transform it into a cash-generating machine.

Solutions for a successful

Whether you’re a new or established business owner or ministry leader, you need content that converts.


If you’ve been spinning your wheels trying to craft a message that turns lookers and lurkers into active community members and repeat buyers, you’re in the right place.


I’ll write copy for your website, emails, and sales pages, and clarify your message to grab your audience’s attention and convert them into engaged followers and customers.


Have you been wondering how everyone else seems to have a book published except you?

How on earth did they write it while juggling all the other things they had going on?


Here’s the secret: They got some help. And you can get some too, right here.


Let me help you manage the writing process so you can finally get your book published and share it with the world.

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Hey there, I'm Jen.
I help authors and entrepreneurs craft compelling, non-boring messages to get folks buying their books, signing up for their courses, and booking them for services and speaking engagements.
And I throw a liferaft to postgraduate students drowning in academic writing and pull them safely ashore. 
Welp, you're here, so that probably means you're tired of trying to figure out this writing thing on your own.
Am I right?
I thought so!

Let me share more about who I am and how I can help you. 
On the other side of that little button, I'll tell you everything...
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“Your edits assisted me in bringing out my authentic emotions to connect more with my readers. Because my mission is to empower and assist women with reaching their full potential personally and professionally, it was paramount that I convey my message the right way! You were so professional from day one of our consultation…from beginning to end you were kind and created a safe place to share my thoughts and how I desired to convey them to my audience of readers.”


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Let's work

I'm glad you're ready to get in touch! I'm looking forward to making some word magic with you, so don't delay—send me a message now so we can get started. 


More Ways to Get in Touch:

Email: support@jenwestwriting.com

Write to me: 14030 Connecticut Avenue, #6813, Silver Spring, MD 20916


Business Hours:

Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. (Eastern), and Saturday by appointment. Closed Sundays.

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