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Website Copy Makeover

Get a Powerful Page of Copy for Your Website's Home or About Page So You Can Attract More Customers Now

Are you tired of struggling to write an irresistible Home or About page to make your website pop? 

You’ve got an awesome business or an amazing new book, and you followed everyone’s advice to build a website to market your genius.



But there’s one problem: You’ve been scratching your head, trying to figure out how to put your thoughts into words so your website can show your dream customers how fabulous you are.



Maybe you’re uncomfortable bragging about yourself, or perhaps you don’t know if you’re “doing too much” and turning people off. Or maybe you realize that marketing just isn’t in your wheelhouse.



You’re not alone—most authors and business owners struggle to craft compelling messages that sell what they’ve got to offer.



But don’t you worry, because help is here:


All you need to do is get a website copy makeover! 

I’ll write brand new copy for one page of your website—or re-write a page that’s not working for you—so you can knock the socks off anyone who lands there.

It’s an instant refresh—a new, powerful message that speaks directly to your audience’s greatest needs and desires and inspires them to take action right away.

If your website isn't attracting clients, making consistent sales, or getting you booked for speaking gigs, this makeover is perfect for you.

Here’s how my Website Copy Makeovers work:

  • First, you’ll purchase your Website Copy Makeover, tell me which page you'd like me to write or re-write, and answer a few questions about yourself and your business (or your book, if you’re an author)

  • I'll deliver brand new copy to you seven (7) business days later

  • You’ll review the copy and let me know if you have any revisions (one round of revisions is included)

  • I’ll send you the final, and you’ll update the copy on your website (or have your web designer do it for you) 

  • Publish your updated page, and you’re done!



After the Website Copy Makeover, you can expect to:

  • Make authentic connections with your ideal clients with a message that’s clear, compelling and aligned with their deepest desires and needs

  • Capture quality leads so you can start nurturing those relationships and building your community right away 

  • Easily share your irresistible offers to dream clients who are eager to work with you 

  • Show your audience how your offers will transform their lives 

  • Raise awareness of your brand, and build credibility with a polished, professional site that will grab—and hold—people’s attention keep them coming back 

Grab your Website Copy Makeover today!


Now, you don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s what my amazing clients have said about how I helped them improve their website copy:


“Jennifer really knocked it out of the park with my websites. They are personable, allowing prospective clients to learn a little more about me while clearly explaining what services I will provide to them and how I can be of help. My pages and sites are also now interactive thanks to Jen. Readers can click on a number of links to take action when they are ready. I really love that.”


If you’re new to working with me, then hey there! I’m Jennifer.

I write and edit for people who struggle with crafting compelling, non-boring messages that induce folks to buy books, sign up for courses, book speaking engagements, and happily fill up virtual shopping carts with their products and services.



And I help business owners and authors write website copy that attracts their dream customers and make sales 24/7. 


And that’s exactly what you’ll get with my Website Copy Makeover.