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Monthly Copywriting Services

Save Time and Sell More!


Get Consistent, On-Brand Content 

So You Can Attract, Engage and Convert Your Dream Clients—Every Single Month

Are you tired of jumping from one copywriter to another?

Do you have writing projects lingering on your to-do list because hiring a new copywriter for each one takes up way too much of your time, money, and energy?


Have you been struggling to get your content written quickly and get your landing pages up, social posts done, and blogs published so you can keep making money in your business?

Or maybe you’ve hired multiple copywriters at the same time, thinking you can get more content done faster...


But instead, you ended up with several pieces of disjointed content that didn’t speak to your audience in your voice.


And worse yet, the “mis-matchy-ness” made it obvious that a different person wrote each piece.


It may not have been all bad, but the content just didn’t have the cohesiveness that you (and your clients) were expecting.


And that left you scratching your head, unsure of whether to publish and hope for the best, edit and lose valuable time (and money), or go back to the drawing board altogether.

Hey, I get it.
And I understand how frustrating it is to lose precious time and money that you could have saved....
If only you’d had the chance to get your favorite copywriter on the job....

Here’s the thing: Running around in content creation circles is not the way to build your business.


You see, copywriting is too important to leave up to chance. What you need is the peace of knowing you’ve got someone in your corner who’s ready, willing and able to churn out killer content for you right when you need it.


And that’s why I created my Monthly Copywriting Services.


So what is this, exactly?


I’m glad you asked.


My monthly copywriting service is how I write on a retainer, which is a fixed, recurring fee that you pay, and in exchange, I write content for you each month.


A monthly retainer is perfect for you if you have a recurring need for copywriting services.


For example, if you regularly publish content—like blogs, email campaigns, website copy, landing pages or opt-in pages—and you want it professionally written in your distinct voice, then you need my monthly copywriting services.

About me and what I do...

Now, before I tell you more about my monthly copywriting services, allow me to introduce myself.

If you’re new to working with me, then hey, there! I’m Jennifer.

I write and edit for people who struggle with crafting compelling, non-boring messages that induce folks to buy books, sign up for courses, book speaking engagements, and happily fill up virtual shopping carts with my clients’ products and services.

My passion is giving my clients the gift of powerful, awe-inspiring words so they can exhale wasted time, sapped energy, and head-scratching frustration, and inhale measurable results, skyrocketing sales, and more time for other priorities in their businesses and their lives.

And that’s exactly what I’m offering you inside my monthly copywriting services.

Now that I’ve told you a bit about me, let me share what awaits you once you take the next step and grab one of my monthly copywriting packages.


This is the exciting part: The options. Based on my superstar clients’ most frequent copywriting needs, here are your content choices—and there’s plenty to choose from:

  • 1 Long Blog Post - $450 value

  • 2 Short Blog Posts (2 short blog posts = 1 piece of content) - $550 value

  • 1 Opt-In or Landing Page for Freebies/Lead Magnets - $500 value

  • 1 Page of Website Copy - $450 value

  • 3 Emails (3 emails = 1 piece of content) - $450 value

And as you’re making your content selections, you’ll also select one of my two power-packed picks for constant content—the Standard Package or the High-Volume Package.


In the Standard Package, you’ll get four pieces of content each month for $1,500 (a $1,900 value!).

In the High-Volume Package, you’ll get eight pieces of content each month for $2,900 (a $3,700 value!).

Each piece counts as one of your selections (unless otherwise indicated above), so any way you pick your content, you’ll see cost savings by bundling your services into one of the monthly packages.


Don’t see what you want on the list above? No problem. We can chat about creating a custom package just for you. And no worries if you want something special that falls outside of my monthly package options because you can always ask for an a-la-carte service anytime.

Wondering if this is right for you?


If you're:

  • A new entrepreneur who’s already so overwhelmed that you’re struggling to execute your vision, and you realize you need help pulling all the pieces together


  • A busy business owner or ministry leader who knows that spending endless hours trying to write perfect content is not the best use of your time, so you’re ready to grow your team and delegate some projects



  • A brand-building boss who wants people to take you seriously so they’ll invest in your products and services, and you know (maybe from painful experience) that lackluster content won’t earn you the “street cred” you need to make off-the-charts sales



Then my monthly copywriting services are perfect for you. 



But if you’re afraid to invest in yourself, your ministry, or your business, or you’re determined to be Wonder Woman or Superman and do everything yourself—even if it means sacrificing sleep, peace, personal time and profits—then this isn’t for you.

Here’s how things will roll once you come on board…

How it Works:


After you purchase your package, we’ll have a strategy call to talk about your business needs and identify the types of content you want. Then I’ll map out our project plan.


Initially, we’ll talk several times to iron out our plan for your content. But once we get rolling, we’ll talk by phone, email, or video conference about once a week.


You’ll be billed automatically for the fixed monthly fee, which makes things easy-peasy for you and ends the hassle of paying a bunch of separate invoices for one-off projects.


If you don’t use all of your content pieces in a month, your unused piece(s) will roll over to the next month. Just try to use them at that point because they’ll only roll over one time.

And the best part is this:



You’ll gain a team member who’s invested in your success.



I’ll get to know your target audience and your products and services so well that you’ll get not only consistent, cohesive content tailored to your brand, but also you’ll get a built-in project manager to take the lead on your writing projects and free up your time for other priorities.

If you’re new to working with me and you’re wondering what the experience is like, here’s what a few of my clients have said:


"Jennifer really knocked it out of the park with my bios, 'About' pages and websites. They are personable, allowing prospective clients to learn a little more about me while clearly explaining what services I will provide to them and how I can be of help. My pages and sites are also now interactive thanks to Jen. Readers can click on a number of links to take action when they are ready. I really love that….While Jen definitely listened to what I wanted and my vision based on who I am, I relied on her for her expertise in the process. She delivered her advice but made sure to tailor it to me personally rather than a cookie cutter approach. Jennifer also made sure we stuck to the schedule we created at the beginning of the process to ensure we finished the project on time by conducting regular check-ins. I have now hired Jen for several projects and will definitely be continuing to use her services. I highly recommend Jennifer of JenWestWriting Editing & Marketing Services."


It’s time to get off the content creation hamster wheel. 

It all comes down to this: Copywriting is too important to leave up to chance.



Your content is among your most valuable business assets, so put it in the hands of a dedicated writer who’ll prioritize your needs every single month and stay committed to your success.



If you’re ready to invest in a copywriting solution that will get you the constant stream of quality content you need to build a powerful, profitable brand, then grab one of my monthly packages and let’s get started.



Now, because I’m serious about reserving availability for my monthly clients, I don’t offer very many of these packages. That means you shouldn't delay: Grab your spot now so I can dedicate time on my calendar to you and your business.



One more thing: I want you to see great results, so I require an initial three-month commitment to begin.



After the first three months, we’ll revisit our plan, then we can renew for another three-month cycle, or you can switch to month-to-month billing instead. And of course, you’re free to cancel after the first three months if you no longer need my services. 

Still not sure if this service is right for you? Let’s have a brief chat to talk more about it.