Website Checkup Plus (+ One-Page Copy Refresh)

Website Checkup Plus (+ One-Page Copy Refresh)

The Website Checkup Plus is the answer to your website woes. If your website isn't attracting clients or making sales, it's time for some real advice and an action plan to improve its look, feel and messaging. If you designed your own website but you're not really feeling it and can't figure out why, or if you paid someone to design it but it's not living up to your expectations, the Website Checkup Plus is perfect for you. 


What’s inside:

  • Advice on how you can improve your copy (the words on your website) to engage visitors, build your brand’s credibility and generate sales
  • Evaluation of your website’s navigation and layout to optimize the user experience
  • Analysis of your photos and graphics to enhance visual appeal and build brand recognition
  • Tips on how you can drive more traffic to your website so you can attract more clients
  • One page of re-written copy to refresh your website


How it works:

  • First, you’ll purchase your Website Checkup and answer a few questions about your business and your website so I can conduct my review
  • ​Next, we’ll set an appointment for a 45-minute session where I’ll review my recommendations with you, and I’ll record the session so you can replay it anytime or share it with your team or website designer
  • I’ll also give you a written action plan that details my recommendations in order of priority so you’ll know what you should tackle right now and what you can work on later
  • You'll tell me which page of your website that you'd like me to re-write, and I'll deliver brand new copy to you within 7 business days. Available pages include Home page, About page, Services page, or two Product Descriptions (product descriptions up to 300 words) 
  • After our review session, you can schedule a 20-minute follow-up where I’ll review your updated website and give you feedback on the changes you’ve made


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  • Terms & Conditions

    After you purchase your Website Checkup Plus service, I’ll be in touch within 24 hours to schedule our review session. Or, you can pick a time from my calendar link, which will pop up on the confirmation page after you complete the checkout process.


    Once you purchase your service, there are no refunds. ​If you purchase a Website Checkup Plus and fail to book a review session within 30 days of purchase, you will forfeit your payment, and you will not receive a refund.


    Please click here to review additional Terms and Conditions. By purchasing this service, you acknowledge that you read, understand and agree to them.


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