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How to Become a Better Writer—Today

Everybody writes in one form or another. Whether it’s work emails, church or ministry documents, business content or text messages, you’re writing something every day.

And because we’re living in such a fast-paced world, we don’t always write well. Your errors might not bother your friends or family on the receiving end of your confusing texts and emails, and that’s fine.

I know writing isn’t everyone’s strong suit, and that’s okay because you don’t have to be a grammar cop to write clearly and correctly.

And if you want to form a consistent writing habit for your academic work, business content, or that book you’ve been trying to write, but your struggle with words is keeping you from getting into a groove, you don’t have to stay stuck.

There are simple ways you can start improving your writing immediately without studying grammar books or doing other stuff that you don’t have time to do right now.

One way to improve your writing is to start using tools that help catch your errors and give you helpful suggestions on how to clarify your message.

Check out the list of free resources below that you can start using today to improve your writing—instantly.

If you want to download a copy of this resource list to keep handy, click here to get a print-friendly version.

Grammarly is a software that reviews your writing—either in your documents or online when you install the browser extension—and magically detects errors in spelling, punctuation, and word choice. It can also point out stylistic mistakes in your writing. With each suggestion, Grammarly explains its reasoning so you can think about it before you accept the corrections. Grammarly offers a free version and a paid version with advanced features.

When you join HubSpot Academy, you get access to a library of self-paced courses. You can take an unlimited number of online classes like Business Writing and Business Blogging that will help you sharpen your skills and write compelling messages that induce your readers to take action right away.

The dictionary has come a long way! One of the world’s most trusted writing resources is online and chock full of features. Not sure how to pronounce a word? Use the pronunciation tool to hear the word aloud and clear up your confusion instantly. Not only can you quickly check spelling and pronunciation, find definitions or swap out words with the thesaurus, but also you can expand your vocabulary when you subscribe to get the daily word of the day email.

Similar to Grammarly, this software helps you write more clearly and concisely by showing you unnecessary words, dull sentences and useless phrases. Even if you don’t opt to use the software, WordRake writes an awesome blog and email newsletters full of helpful—and often humorous—writing tips and explanations.

Put an end to writer’s block once and for all with this cool tool. When you sign up, you’ll get a daily email prompting you to get that writing going. Daily Page offers hundreds of creative writing prompts to get your wheels turning and form a habit of consistent writing. They also offer structured writing courses to help you hone your craft.


Whether you use these resources or not, you may need a set of expert eyes to take a look at your writing and make sure your message is clear and error-free. Schedule a free, no-obligation call today so you can tell me about your writing and editing needs and I’ll tell you how I can help.

by Jennifer Westbrook | JenWestWriting




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