Business & Commercial Copywriting 

Does your business or ministry need a message that converts?

Is your business or ministry:

  • Struggling to make sales, even though you've spent tons of time creating amazing products and services that you know people want and need? 



  • Ready to launch an awesome website, but have no idea which words to say on your page to grab people's attention and make them stay awhile? 



  • Trying to become a superstar blogger, but can't figure out why no one's reading your posts, which keeps you from showing up consistently because you're confused about what to write? 


Do you: 

  • Struggle to write well, but English was never your strong suit, and you're ready to get free from jacked-up grammar so you can convey your message in a polished, professional way?​

  • Draw a blank when it comes to writing emails or newsletters to your subscriber list, so you wind up sending nothing at all?

  • Send all kinds of emails, but they're not getting opened, and your folks aren't engaging and taking action like you wish they would?​​​​

If any of this describes you or what's been going on in your business or ministry, then your writing could use some work. Let's talk about my Business Writing Services. I'll craft a message for you that'll stop your ideal clients' fingers from scrolling past your stuff and get them happily filling up their carts with your amazing products and services.


"Jennifer really knocked it out of the park with my bios, 'About' pages and websites. They are personable, allowing prospective clients to learn a little more about me while clearly explaining what services I will provide to them and how I can be of help. My pages and sites are also now interactive thanks to Jen. Readers can click on a number of links to take action when they are ready. I really love that….While Jen definitely listened to what I wanted and my vision based on who I am, I relied on her for her expertise in the process. She delivered her advice but made sure to tailor it to me personally rather than a cookie cutter approach. Jennifer also made sure we stuck to the schedule we created at the beginning of the process to ensure we finished the project on time by conducting regular check-ins. I have now hired Jen for several projects and will definitely be continuing to use her services. I highly recommend Jennifer of JenWestWriting Editing & Marketing Services."


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Let's work

I'm glad you're ready to get in touch! I'm looking forward to making some word magic with you, so don't delay—send me a message now so we can get started. 


More Ways to Get in Touch:


Write to me: 14030 Connecticut Avenue, #6813, Silver Spring, MD 20916


Business Hours:

Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. (Eastern), and Saturday by appointment. Closed Sundays.

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