Academic Writing & Coaching 

Are you ready to finish your degree with no drama and find your dream job?

White desktop with white keyboard, small white plate of colorful macaroons, white candle in a pink glass, gold lipstick, white and gold planter holding a cactus, white and pink binder clips, notepads and gold pen
White desktop with white keyboard, small white plate of colorful macaroons, gold and white pot holding a cactus, gold pen

You're a postgraduate student who's looking for: 

  • Someone who knows what they’re talking about who can review your thesis or dissertation draft and give you constructive advice on how to improve it



  • A style cop who’ll take the guesswork out of all those confusing formatting and citation rules



  • A tenderhearted, yet firm enforcer to take you by the hand from day 1 and be your one-on-one coach so you can get your thesis or dissertation done—on time



  • A razor-sharp, well-trained eye that will catch embarrassing errors, improve your flow, enhance your word choices, and polish your diamond in the rough into a shining gem



If any of this describes you, then you’ll love my Academic Thesis & Dissertation Services. Tap that button so we can talk about how to get you out of postgraduate purgatory.

You’re out of school—or almost out—and you need:

  • A killer resume and cover letter so you can land your dream job

  • An air-tight curriculum vitae that'll knock the socks off anybody and everybody in academia


  • A seasoned professional who can help you put together an application package that'll land yours at the top of the heap


If you want help getting a J.O.B. so you can start earning a return on all that education you've invested in, you need my Career Success Services. Schedule a call now so you can get equipped to pound the pavement like a pro.

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“I had a great time working with you as my dissertation editor. Your professionalism showed in your response to my initial email, during the editing process, and the post-editing period. Your work agreement/contract was very clear, your timeline to complete the review was clearly outlined and followed which resulted in timely delivery. You understood my urgency, but you were more focused on quality which is great. I like the fact that you knew APA formatting very well, as that was a major hurdle for me. I would surely recommend your services to friends and colleagues who are seeking professionalism and a quality outcome for their project.”  

— Joan Henry, Business Administration 

Doctoral Candidate